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As of 2022, information is the king of small businesses: information about customers, effectiveness of marketing channels, employee efficiency indicators, the items in stock and also all the other data that accumulates in the information systems in your business – in the largest quantities ever.

When the data is abundant and difficult to master, it’s time to think about implementing BI tools in your business as well. The software most adapted to small businesses and the one considered the market leader, in this case also offers the cheapest tool.

Power BI Benefits

  • Microsoft Power BI is designed for running reports and management dashboards based on the data existing in the company’s systems. Hence, if the company does not work with information systems or if there is a real disorder in its data – the tool will not be able to help it (until the data is sorted).
  • Power BI knows how to connect to different databases, and actually “arranges” the information so that it is easier to digest and understand it. Any of the reports or components can be shared with a colleague or team.
  • Power BI allows its users to see not only what happened in the past or is happening now, but also data and trends that may affect the future!
  • Machine learning capabilities are embedded, which means that the tool knows how to identify patterns that emerge from the data, thus providing informed forecasts and even running several future “what-if” scenarios, in order to examine which is the preferred alternative for the business.
  • In this way, the tool helps in the constant improvement of the company, helps to meet future demands and meet the company’s key indicators.
  • The tool interfaces with other popular management software from MS including: SharePoint, Office 365, and Dynamics 365, as well as non-MS tools such as Spark, Hadoop, Salesforce, Google Analytics, SAP, and MailChimp.
  • Information security at the highest level.

Why do it with us?

  • 16+ Years of Experience in Business Intelligence Services

  • Full Assessment of your Power BI requirement

  • Feasibility Check for Power BI implementation

  • Developing a comprehensive Power BI implementation strategy

  • Integrated planning, budgeting, and reporting

  • Transparency and Accountability at every step

  • Friendly and easy-going team

  • The global delivery model

  • Prompt delivery of the project