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Automate all your business flow with Power Automate

Power Automate – advanced business automation with simple tools to set up and understand, from Microsoft. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can create a flow that performs one or more tasks automatically after being triggered by an event.

Microsoft’s Power Automate system frees you and your employees from performing different actions over and over again, by defining precise automatic actions given a set of settings that activates them. Now the system is an integral part of the company’s Power Platform system, and it synchronizes perfectly with the other applications and various software of the platform.

In today’s world, we live in an era of complicated procedures that dictate series of actions that are a response to different scenarios of actions and cases. Organizations and companies are required to repeatedly perform the same actions, when their large volumes have become unfeasible or inefficient to be performed by a person, who is open to human errors of one kind or another.

Power Automate Benefits

The Power Automate system from Microsoft worldwide knows how to perform simple or complex automations, according to your choice, based on a link to more than 100 different applications, websites and software, including social media, customer relationship management systems, e-mail, various advertising systems and more.

With Power Automate you can determine a series of automatic steps and commands in the field of organization, communication, marketing and sales in your organization, and even connect the system to software and applications even without a built-in API connection on behalf of those external applications and software.

The Power Automate system builds these automations through the simple construction of flow charts (Flows) of triggers and actions that are their result, which you can define and determine, thereby optimizing, perfecting and accurate tens, hundreds and even thousands of actions at the same time, without human contact and in a fully automatic manner .

In other words, with this system, you can direct resources and manpower to perform higher quality operations that require the involvement of human capital within them, instead of employing your human capital in repeated technical tasks, which manual activation is an opening to human errors and a great waste of time and money for your organization.

How will you build the best automation processes for you with the Power Automate system? One option is to try to understand and build it yourself…

A better and more economical option in time and resources is to contact us at Ofek Point: we are able not only to build automations for you according to your needs, but also to guide your teams on how to operate, customize and build additional automation systems after the initial construction of the system in your organization.

Here are some advantages of the Power Automate system:

  • End-to-end services

    We extend all the necessary consultation, implementation, and support on your project so that you can focus more on your business than process automation.

  • Improved ROI

    A consultant will not only help lower your overall deployment costs and improve the outcome but will also look for ways you can save even more money.

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