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Who we are?

Nice to meet you, we are OFEKPOINT SOFTWARE.
Our biggest vision is to help organizations, companies and businesses, to be more productive by developing customized MICROSOFT 365 solutions. Our superpower is the development and implementation of customized MICROSOFT 365 solutions that can help you manage your organization more efficiently, more correctly and more securely. From creating corporate portals to managing corporate documents and streamlining BPM (BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT) processes, we will help you achieve everything! Quickly and efficiently and at unbeatable prices!

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So why choose us?

After many years of experience with MICROSOFT 365 we have learned a thing or two about using MICROSOFT’s cloud tools and harnessing them perfectly to optimize work and organizational processes. We always work with project management methods in the AGILE methodology in order to implement and develop solutions while moving.

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Who do we work with?

With everyone! Any organization that wants to grow, develop and manage its worlds of content and business processes in a better way, we are the solution. We really like working with small-medium enterprises in a wide variety of industries. Fortunately, to date we have been able to assist law firms, health organizations, real estate companies, financial companies, non-profit organizations, welfare organizations, hi-tech companies, and more.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, we are here to help you work better and harness the amazing powers of MICROSOFT 365.

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