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Hospital’s CIOs frustrated. Lack of Software solutions.

“We failed the Ministry of Health’s COVID audit. We need a robust, COVID- safe electronic visitor management solution” — said Mr. Nir Grava, a frustrated CIO of Barzilai Medical Center – a leading Israeli Hospital. We offered the best and most cost-effective solution… and it was quickly implemented!



Hospital Contact

CIO - Nir Grava - Barzilai Medical Center


The challenge

The hospital needed to follow COVID-19 regulations of the Israel’s Department of Health and Human Services issued guidelines in response to COVID-19 that stated anyone attending a hospital, who was not a patient, was considered a visitor and was required to sign in and out.

But due to the lack of budget, especially during COVID-19 times, the hospital CIO was frustrated in finding the right solution that will allow him to remain within the budget and yet implement a robust and effective lightweight visitor management solution.

In the beginning of COVID-19, The Barzilai Hospital was receiving 1,500 visitors per day. That climbed up to more than 20,000 per week immediately after.

The solution

The Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, implemented our Microsoft 365 visitor management solution in one week(!) along with All-in-One Kiosks to offer both an on-site check-in system, and also allowing for Staff to automatically check in via the Microsoft 365 mobile app.

Using Ofekpoint solution, the hospital is now able to screen and prescreen all visitors, staff, and other visitor types to capture critical COVID-19 information and tailor the check-in experiences depending on the person’s visitor type. Additional feature of the solution is being able to quickly identify visitor types and keep accurate records of the hospital’s activity.

The results

With Our Microsoft 365 solution implementation, the hospital can now efficiently identify all of their different visitor types and capture the correct information to suit. The hospital uses the Microsoft 365 mobile app to check in 11,000 staff members a week while enabling all other visitor types to contactless check-in using QR codes.

As a result of Ofekpoint Microsoft 365-based visitor management solution, the hospital can now easily stay compliant with the changing COVID-19 legislations and Israel Department of Health guidelines and prevent thousands of dollars avoiding unnecessary fines and Patient complaints.

Implementation approach Power Apps + SharePoint

Power Apps

We created a Power apps application together with SharePoint as backend to facilitate the filtering, selection and prioritization of visitors. Also, the application enabled a simple process for the department staff.

Power Automate

We created a Power automate workflow in order to do automatic check-in. all the information of the flow recorded and analyzed to improve the flow of the visitors and the staff.

Mobile App

The entire system is built to be suitable for use on a mobile device. Both the professional staff at the hospital enjoy comfort and the visitors to the hospital can check in real time during their stay in the hospital without the need for a personal computer.

Key features

The Hospital saved millions of dollars a year, successfully payed their providers as needed and prevented lawsuits from their disappointed patients.