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Hospital sued due to inefficient emergency preparedness.

Hillel-Yaffe Medical center in Hadera, Israel, was sued because of a Manual physician scheduling processes that was damamaging the hospital’s emergency preparedness A Staff management system, built on Microsoft 365, turned out to be the best and the most cost-effective solution



Hospital Contact

Business Application Manager - Erez Karisi


About the Client

The hospital currently constitutes of a medical center that provides comprehensive medical services on a high level for a broad range of medical problems within the many different areas of specialization.

The hospital has approximately 2,000 employees occupied in various skills and professions.

Business Need

The management was furious due to many laysuits against the Hospital. The main claim was: emergency physicians weren’t available for urgent cases during night hours.

The Business Application Manager of Hillel-Yaffe , reached out to us seeking help to get a quick solution up and running due to a Manual and outdated physician scheduling process that was hurting the efficiency and productivity, making it difficult to optimize the use of their most valuable resources: their providers Medical Staff.

Implementation approach

The Hospital saved millions of dollars a year, successfully payed their providers as needed and prevented lawsuits from their disappointed patients. Together, we’ve built a state-of-the-art solution to track and manage all data about the availability of critical Human resources like doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants, technicians, paramedics, maintenance, and service personnel, as well as administrative staff – all of this built on top Microsoft 365 platform in 12 weeks of work make.

Key features

  • The entire solution built on top Microsoft 365 – which the organization already use daily.
  • The solution enables the copy/paste of data from excel to support bulk operations.
  • The solution notifies acceleration or delays upon date(s)
  • The solution Provides support for SAP Regional Hierarchy structure
  • The solution Saves data entry/maintenance time

Power Apps

We created a Power apps application combined with SharePoint as a backend for explicitly information gathering & storing to SharePoint user management and data about all users

Power BI

We used Power Bi system for Dynamic & real-time visualization of graphs and key indicators on cases, contacts, and follow-ups and to let users see the entire hospital live inventory briefly.

Power Automate

We built Power Automate workflows for helping the solution journey to update all users at any time, Reporting the current status of RN staff and equipment in use. This application automated the entire process, thus saving users time. The application alsoupdates as soon as a related change occurs. All Users can easily find data by searching and filtering all data according to their permissions.

Key features

The Hospital saved millions of dollars a year, successfully payed their providers as needed and prevented lawsuits from their disappointed patients.