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Hospital lost MILLIONS of $ due to Inefficient Room management.

Bad room management in an Israeli hospital caused the loss of millions of dollars. Room Management solution built on Microsoft 365 saved the day by Improving Capacity and Revenue!



Hospital Contact

CIO - Eyal Kellner


About the Client

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (TASMC) is Israel’s second-largest hospital. It serves the population of Tel Aviv metropolis which includes 415,000 Tel Aviv residents as well as over one million people who enter Tel Aviv daily for work, business and pleasure. TASMC occupies an area of over 250,000 square meters and is structured in four hospitals. In total, TASMC has 1,000 hospitalization beds, some 60 departments and institutes and approx. 150 outpatient clinics.

Business Need

The hospital Room Management was bad and inefficient! Operating rooms (ORs) account for roughly 60% of the hospital’s revenue. As a result, non-effective operating room management severely damaged the financial stability of the hospital. The hospital didn’t use any software to manage their exam rooms and required staff to develop processes unique to each department. This situation created enormous pressure on the hospital’s CIO trying desperately to find a quick and stable solution that will not require months to implement.

We Implement a fast room management system built with Microsoft 365 power platform that improved clinic exam room utilization and increased operational efficiencies, enhancing patient access to care and positioning hospital departments to successfully adapt to the new healthcare environment and raised the hospital revenue in just 2 months, by 30% (!!!).

The results

Now, with the help of our development, Sourasky Hospital can easily and efficiently manage its rooms based on the 365 system. Employees do not need to receive special training to use the platform, the profitability of the hospital increases significantly and there are far fewer patients waiting for treatment due to a lack of rooms.

Saving money for the hospital along with saving lives!

Implementation approach Power Apps + SharePoint

A mobile App

For drilling down into the details and quickly configuring the system to adapt to changing conditions. Bringing a new location of rooms online or adapting the capacity of existing rooms can be done with just a few clicks in the app (permissions or each personne

Power Bi

Decision support dashboard for emergency managers to see aggregate data of the available rooms across the health system. The mobile apps feed this up-to-date central view that highlights the most urgent needs for available rooms.

Power Automate

We used Power Automate to fill these gaps and automate the process entirely, by updating parallel systems like ERP systems, CRM and more, while alerting management users for high-capacity room availability and more...

Key features

The Hospital saved millions of dollars a year, successfully payed their providers as needed and prevented lawsuits from their disappointed patients.